User’s guide

Follow the steps to start using KeepMails plugin

Install KeepMails plugin

You can download the plugin. Upload the .zip from your admin panel > plugins > add new > Upload plugin, and active it.

Create a new form

The FREE version of KeepMails plugin has a form created by default. Just edit and customize it.

Adding Google reCaptcha keys

In order to control spam and bots, you should add the two Google reCaptcha keys associated with your domain below. To get the reCaptcha keys, log in Google reCaptcha and add (+) your new domain. It’s important to choose the option reCAPTCHA v3. Otherwise, the KeepMails plugin won’t work correctly.

The generated keys must be added in the KeepMails form details.

KeepMails plugin was tested with the following plugins, specific for sending bulk e-mails.

1) WP Mail SMTP. This plugin allows to configure different mass mailing services like: Sendinblue SMTP (Recommended), Mailgun SMTP, Gmail SMTP (Gmail, Google Workspace, G Suite) and others.

2) Maigun Plugin. Mailgun is an email delivery and deliverability service you can use with KeepMails Plugin to send bulk emails.

Mailgun plugin

To install this plugin to use the Mailgun service for sending emails, follow these steps:
  1. Create your Mailgun account and add your domain.
    Remember, if you have WordPress installed on a subfolder or subdomain , you must add it in Mailgun like this:
    But don’t worry, you can send emails from the root domain even though your account is in a subdomain.
    After registering your domain, Mailgun will give you the DNS Records you must to add in your site.
  2. Now, from Your Domain Provider, the Mailgun DNS records must be added:
    1. DNS Records For Sending:
      TXT records (known as SPF & DKIM) are required to send emails with Mailgun. There are two TXT Records to add.
    2. DNS Records For Tracking: The CNAME record is necessary for tracking opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. There is one CNAME record to add
    3. Don’t change the existing MX records if you are not going to receive emails with Mailgun
  3. Now, just wait for the Mailgun verification to be completed. Normally, the above DNS changes take 48 hours to propagate.
    Once your account is correctly set up, Mailgun will send you a confirmation email to let you know once your domain is verified.

    At this point, you will have a unique key associated with your domain.
  4. Finaly, you can copy from Mailgun – API Keys your Private API key and add it in Mailgun plugin – Settings
  5. Start Sending emails from KeepMails Mailing lists. You can find in Bulk actions, the options to send email when you access a list.

    Option Send Bulk Emails from a Mailing list with KeepMails Plugin