Welcome to KeepMails

The idea to create KeepMails started because we needed a simple subscription form for a project and we didn’t want a complex email marketing system, so we get looking for possible options… finally the idea to install a WordPress plugin and linking it to our project was feasible. Then we searched… but couldn’t find any that fit what we wanted. Some were too complex or we didn’t understand very well (maybe at this moment, while I’m writing this post, many more options have come out 🙂 but at that time we didn’t find. So I decided to start working on a new plugin.

The approach was not easy, in fact I had to discard many of the things initially implemented and start again with a different perspective.

Sometimes the eagerness to get into a project that excites you, makes you move by pure impulse and you end up overlooking important details. Then you have to go back, rectify and continue.

I wanted an easy solution, as simple as possible, that would allow in a few steps to have a functional form, store the subscribers email in WordPress not on an external site and offer an ultralight newsletter to send emails with a basic format, but supported by all devices. Additionally, if the user requires, to be able to send these emails in bulk to his subscribers list.

If you are looking for something like this, you can download the plugin for free and try it. If you want to be informed about the latest updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter.